Introducing Our New Logo

Michael Huthwaite - Sunday, June 15, 2014

Recently, we've been receiving a lot of questions about our new logo.  What is it? and what was your reason for choosing it?  So in this inaugural blog, we thought we'd take a moment to briefly introduce you to our new logo and layout how it fits into our brand messaging.

What is the image?

Take a look...what do you see?  For those that were familiar with our previous logo, you might recognize three cubes representing the three integrated financial statements.  But keep looking at it and you will begin to see a flower or perhaps a person's face. 

The logo is an optical illusion commonly referred to as a Necker Cube, where the abstract lines represent different shapes based on the brain's initial comprehension. 

How does this tie into your brand messaging?

Although the image of three cubes is the intended interpretation, we want to highlight the reality that not everyone comes to the table with the same initial perspective. 

This is exactly what happens in the domain of financial modeling and simulation.  Different people have different perspectives on what is achievable.  Who we listen to and what actions we take are based on our social interactions. 

This human reality is core to our mission of creating a financial modeling environment that enables peers to establish consensus based on the efficient evaluation of alternative perspectives and ideas.    

Continually producing the best business strategy is achieved by taking the status quo and efficiently enabling trusted peers (subject matter experts, advisors or management teams, etc.) to apply their own perspectives to either validate or provide compelling alternatives.  

Leveraging alternative perspectives and outcomes is key to maximizing consensus across peers.  This approach helps to build confidence in the business planning process which leads to external credibility (buy-in) and ultimately increased shareholder value.


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